Types and Methods of Payment:

Prices are retail prices, indicated with the corresponding VAT, and with the refundable fee for products subject to it, in accordance with applicable regulations, all expressed in the official currency of the Republic of Croatia.

Until December 31, 2023, dual pricing in both Euros and Croatian Kuna is applied in accordance with the Law on the Introduction of the Euro as the Official Currency in the Republic of Croatia (NN 57/22, 88/22), the Consumer Protection Act (NN 19/22, 59/23), and the Regulation on the Manner of Displaying Retail Prices and Prices per Unit of Measure of Products and Services (NN 117/22).

Prices apply to purchases made in the Web Store. The Seller is authorized to change prices without prior notice.

Payment for ordered products can be made by the Customer using the following methods:

  • Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Premium, Diners credit cards
  • Cash on delivery to the courier upon product delivery


Payment by Debit and Credit Cards

When making payments with a card, the Customer navigates to the secure Corvus Pay payment institution's webpage, selects the card type for payment, and proceeds to input the cardholder's details and other requisite information.

Statement about Online Payment Security

When conducting payments within the Web Store, an advanced system is employed to securely process payment card information over the internet.

The CorvusPay system ensures the full confidentiality of both card and personal data from the moment the Customer inputs them into the CorvusPay payment form. Payment data is encrypted from the web browser to the issuing bank of the Customer's card. The Web Store never has access to the complete payment card data of the Customer. Moreover, this data remains inaccessible to CorvusPay system personnel. An isolated core autonomously transmits and manages sensitive data, ensuring their utmost security.

The form for entering payment data is secured with the highest-reliability SSL transport encryption. All stored data is additionally protected by encryption, using a cryptographic device certified according to the FIPS 140-2 Level 3 standard. CorvusPay meets all security requirements for online payment set by leading card brands and operates in compliance with the PCI DSS Level 1 standard, the highest security standard in the payment card industry. When paying with cards included in the 3-D Secure program, the bank further confirms the identity of the Customer with a token or password in addition to the card's validity.

Corvus Pay considers all collected information confidential and treats it accordingly. The information is used solely for the purposes for which it is intended. Sensitive data is entirely secure, and their privacy is guaranteed by state-of-the-art protective mechanisms. Only data necessary for conducting business according to prescribed stringent procedures for online payment are collected.

Security controls and operational procedures applied to the infrastructure ensure the immediate reliability of the CorvusPay system. Additionally, by maintaining strict access control, regularly monitoring security, conducting in-depth network vulnerability checks, and systematically implementing information security provisions, the level of system security is continuously maintained and enhanced by protecting the card data of Customers.

Cash on Delivery Payment

When paying with cash on delivery, the Customer settles the order at the time of delivery to the specified address. Cash on delivery payments are made exclusively with cash to the courier upon delivery to the specified address.

Statement on Currency Conversion

Prices in an alternative currency (for users residing outside the Eurozone)

All billing transactions are consistently conducted in Euros.

The sum charged to the Customer's credit card is determined by converting Euros into the Customer's currency based on the prevailing exchange rate set by the Croatian National Bank. During the billing process, the amount is transformed into the currency utilized by the Customer according to the exchange rate established by the credit card company through which the order is settled.

Consequently, due to this currency conversion process, there may be a slight variance in the final price compared to the one originally displayed on the Web Store.