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Vinistra 2021 – Grand Gold
Vinistra 2022 – Gold
Vinistra 2023 - Gold

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Aura Biska Extra 0,7 l

Carefully selected leaves of white mistletoe exclusively from apple trees are macerated for several months in grape marc brandy. The result of such careful work is a clear and dense brandy with a beautiful color of old gold, with a refined and pleasant yet pronounced aroma dominated by notes of dried apricots, dry almonds, and candied orange peel.

It has a semi-dry, fine, and warm taste, with a note of chestnut honey on the aftertaste. We recommend serving it as a digestive, chilled to 12-14°C and without ice. In addition to desserts, it goes great with premium cigars.

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illustrationVinistra 2021 – Grand Gold
Vinistra 2021 – Grand Gold
illustrationVinistra 2022 – Gold
Vinistra 2022 – Gold
illustrationVinistra 2023 - Gold
Vinistra 2023 - Gold
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